All Scenarios OS is an OpenHarmony compatible operating system, inheriting the open source nature and vision. Open your mind and...

… Imagine a world where the devices that you use every day collaborate openly and transparently, a world where all devices communicate intelligently regardless of brand and model.

Imagine a seamless user experience into every aspects of your daily life, being able to achieve what you need to achieve on every device that accompany, whether it is the music you love, or the pictures you hold dear.

Imagine a user-centric Operating System that tap into the potential of the collective intelligence of your devices with the goal of improving your life.

Imagine devices that cooperate in the most efficient way, ensecuring your privacy and security.

Imagine all this built jointly by top market leaders through an open source project that foster sharing of expertise, know-how, competence and innovation.

Now watch it come to life…

Focusing on the European market, All Scenarios OS is dedicated to work with the local community and involve the community into the developement process in order to cater the market desires and capabilities.

All Scenarios OS is designed with modularity in mind. Portability across the broad spectrum of devices is a key pillar of the architecture, from small IoT sensors to rich multimedia companions.

Reuse of open source components and adherence to open standards grant to All Scenarios OS access to the wider ecosystem possible, building bridges as opposed to creating a digital divide.

From one common source base into a multiple reference builds to target all kinds of consumer devices. Now it’s possible thanks to All Scenarios OS runtime distributed architecture is able to embrace flexibility, speed in resource sharing, communicating and coordinating actions as a one cohesive unit. Compute, data, resources are virtualized and shared across devices and a collective intelligence thus emerges.

Efficiency and cooperation is achieved at the right place, whenever possible the closest to the user in order to deliver a smooth all-scenario experience.


Improved user experience through faster device discovery, and secure data transmission

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